1.  Our vision is to help create a world in which all people are seen and heard for who they really are and want to be, a world where people feel they belong and can relate to each other in an open and respectful way. We see Relational Presence as a way to make this happen.

2. We see ourselves as equal partners in co-creating our community and network.

3.  As partners, our mission is to develop a common and rich understanding of Relational Presence amongst ourselves, and jointly promote Relational Presence and its applications in the world. 

4.  Our task is also to recognise, acknowledge and celebrate different approaches to working with Relational Presence. We can’t easily describe the full power, beauty and essence of Relational Presence – it has to be experienced. What we do know is that Relational Presence is a process and a practice with powerful effects in all areas of life.

5. The Relational Presence Network is led by peers co-creating and serving the community. The leadership group is open to loving, contributing, respectful colleagues who are willing to work to strengthen the community, the leadership group and our Relational Presence work. 

6. We see Relational Presence as a practice, and encourage all facilitators to take regular, active part in a Relational Presence practice group, not limiting their activity to leading groups as a facilitator.  

7. We promise, to the best of our ability, to model this work in our daily life and within the Relational Presence Network. We are also open to getting a deeper understanding of presence through the insights and feedback of our peers. 

8. We seek to share our experiences of offering Relational Presence work professionally and learn from each other in the Network. 

9. The Relational Presence Network trains new people to become facilitators of Relational Presence and its applications.

10. The Relational Presence Network offers opportunities to practice Relational Presence through
• the European RPN days and conferences  (creating the best RP environment)
• webinars
• practice groups
• in other ways to be developed

11. The Relational Presence Network seeks to develop and deepen the skills, experience and knowledge of its partners, offering masterclasses, post-graduate trainings, and applied workshops for a fee. 

12. We gratefully acknowledge the founder of Speaking Circles, Lee Glickstein, and other major contributors to the development of the work including Doreen Hamilton, the Senior Training Director. And thanks to Lee for coining the term 'Relational Presence'.

13. The brand name of the organisation is ‘Relational Presence’.

14. We will celebrate, learn and develop together, and when necessary we see this manifesto changing as we grow. 

® Relational Presence is a registered trademark of the Relational Presence Network
- registration pending
® Speaking Circles is a registered trademark of Lee Glickstein