Effective Meetings


Transform the way you communicate in meetings

Would you like you, or your people, to be able to:

✔︎ Inspire each other during a meeting
✔︎ Feel free to speak up
✔︎ Listen deeply to each other
✔︎ Feel energized during and after a meeting
✔︎ Take responsibility to add content instead of reacting on content

The solution isn’t a standard presentation skill course, it’s a completely new approach…

Meetings skills but not as we know it

Most meetings are time-consuming, energy-draining and half as effective as they could be. The problem is that we don’t listen deeply to each other. We are too busy with our own thoughts and feelings, ready to interrupt or waiting till the meeting is over because we know we will not be heard. What we need is a very simple method that focuses on connection first before we dive into content.

The Relational Presence® method teaches us how to start at a completely different level, by treating authentic connection as the cornerstone of communication. With this method, meetings becomes powerful effective and genuine.

It was not easy to wait for your turn but I’ve never listened like this before to all of my colleagues. There is a world to win for us!

Relational Presence training for effective meetings

In this training the participants learn how to:

  • be fully present and in the moment with those they are speaking and listening to
  • become really comfortable connecting (being at ease with real eye contact)
  • speak up for themselves without referring to the content of others
  • listen deeply to everyone else without interfering
  • create a space for creativity and wisdom by changing perspective


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