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The Relational Presence Network together in Antwerp, September 2018

22 Facilitators of the Relational Presence Network

How do we deepen our understanding and knowledge of Relational Presence and its applications? Each year we organize an event somewhere in Europe with the intent to see and meet in real life and experience the practice of Relational Presence together.

This year, 22 of the licensed Facilitators from France, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands managed to come to Antwerp to enjoy the pleasure of our company and learn together.

On our program this year was besides all kinds of Relational Presence exercises, the teaching of new framings we use to explain how the ability to communicate in Relational Presence helps teams to build trust and psychological safety, one of the key elements for high performing teams.

We experimented how to apply theory U in Relational Presence. One of us shared his way of teaching participants in public speaking courses how to deal with inner parts like ‘the chimp, the inner child and the inner critic’.

We found out how to systemize our keynotes in an even better way and last but not least we thought about our next steps in growing as a Network, a brand and as Facilitators.

Every time the feeling of profound presence and inspiration holds on for weeks and makes it easy to plan and organize the next event. 2019 we will meet again, somewhere in the Netherlands.

We also explored how the quietening of the mind, and use of peripheral vision helps one photographer explore the impact of relational presence on the world through his photography