Presentation Skills


For individuals and organisations

Transform the way you communicate in public

Would you like you, or your people, to be able to: 

✔︎ Effectively manage nerves
✔︎ Feel confident and enjoy speaking in front of any audience
✔︎ Think clearly – even under pressure
✔︎ Speak easily and creatively without notes
✔︎  Overcome public speaking fear
✔︎  Feel really comfortable at business or social events
✔︎  Get your message across powerfully and effectively in all situations
✔︎  Confidently represent your company in the world

The solution isn’t the standard presentation skill course, it’s a completely new approach…

Presentation skills but not as we know it

Most presentation skills courses are based on a “performance” method, teaching people how to put on a “show” for the audience. The problem is that the audience recognises that this is fake, and so does the presenter. It doesn’t feel real to anyone.

The Relational Presence® method starts at a completely different level, by treating authentic connection as the cornerstone of communication - with this new method, it becomes powerful effective and genuine . When applied to public speaking and presentations, the results are delightful, life-changing and long lasting.

This isn’t about how to structure a standard presentation, this is about bringing communication alive.
Compelling, pleasurable and satisfying for all concerned. Imagine a presentation you enjoyed for once – and one that you believed in!

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I thought the course was life-changing.

Relational Presence training

In a Relational Presence® training participants work in pairs, small groups and in front of the whole audience.

They learn how to:
• become really comfortable connecting with the audience (at ease with real eye contact),
• understand and manage their emotions and thinking patterns around being the centre of attention,
• enjoy improvisation (thinking on their feet) and improving their listening and focussing skills.
• be fully present and in the moment with those they are speaking to.
• find their unique voice and style
• build rapport with audiences and be compelling as a speaker

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