What is Relational Presence?


“…the power of communicating in connection boils down to this: if you want to be heard and seen, then you have to do that yourself first. To be able to do that, you have to be present in the here-and-now. There is always the challenge: Relational Presence, being in the here-and-now, using a peripheral, relaxed gaze and from there listening and speaking. The method we use is simple. We also call it deceivingly simple because the simplicity of the method does not make it easy.

Each of us has developed its own ways of communication. Effective and less effective. A new way asks for exercise. A lot of exercise. And after practice, art is created. The art of authentic communication. Being in connection with someone else and yourself when you speak and/or listen. In any group setting: meeting, networking, presenting, managing. At work and at home.

“The greatest revelation is stillness”
Lao Tse

We gratefully acknowledge the founder of Speaking Circles®, Lee Glickstein. He developed with Speaking Circles a beautiful way to practice Relational Presence. We thank him for coining the term ‘Relational Presence’.

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