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If you truly believe that Relational Presence is important in your daily life & work and you want to apply Relational Presence in all kinds of different contexts. You have come to the right place to learn how to teach the simple and yet amazingly effective methods of Relational Presence and Speaking Circles. When we help people to be present and connected with themselves and others at the same time, magic can happen.

These methods are used not only in helping people to feel confident and connected in public speaking, but are also very valuable for building trust in teams and creating highly effective and inspiring meetings.

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The Relational Presence Network - Our mission

We are devoted to teaching the principles of authentic and connected communication and leadership.  Supporting people to be in the here and now when they speak and listen, allowing them to communicate with warmth and power and get their message across.

The Relational Presence Network wants to contribute to a better world. Everyone in his own independent way and at the same time not being alone in this - but being part of a like-minded group with a shared vision and mission. 

Relational Presence® was formerly known as Speaking Circles® in Europe.
Relational Presence facilitators are also licensed Speaking Circle Facilitators

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